Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Why Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning is Important

If you run a commercial kitchen, be it in a pub, restaurant, hotel or café, you will be aware of the need for it to be spotlessly clean at all times. However, there is also a requirement that every six months, as a minimum, a commercial kitchen must undergo a deep clean. But what does this mean, and what are the benefits to your London based business?

What is a deep clean?

In your commercial kitchen, there will all kinds of utensils and apparatus. Every day, you probably wipe down your surfaces, mop the floor and wash everything you use several times during preparation and service. This is all well and good but, in essence, this is superficial. Now think about all the other apparatus there is in your kitchen – the fans, the dishwasher, the fridges, freezers and other food storage areas, the deep fat fryers, the ovens… - the list could go on. Although you may wipe these every now and then, every six months the kitchen, whether in London or on the North Coast, is expected to undergo a thorough clean, with every items of the kitchen apparatus included. Some commercial kitchens perform this deep clean more often than every six months, at Bright Hygiene, we can provide trained staff to complete the deep clean too.

Thriving in a competitive market

London is a heaving metropolis, full of competing hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes and eateries. To maintain your stance in this competitive market, you need to be on top form when it comes to food, and your establishment, all of the time. There is no compromise. Although it is a legal requirement, there are other benefits that a commercial kitchen deep clean offers that will be of benefit to you and your business.

  • Meet health and safety requirements – As well as food hygiene ratings, and offering safe food for your customers, you also have a requirement to provide a safe working environment for your staff too. By steam cleaning hard to reach areas, and difficult to clean apparatus, you are looking after staff well being too.
  • Standards – If you take your business seriously, to be able to continue to grow you will need to meet certain standards and criteria along the way. There is an expectation that commercial kitchens will have a higher level of cleanliness than a domestic kitchen. Set the standard and watch your competitors follow.
  • Minimise bacteria – There are all kinds of bacteria that can cause harm to humans, and they find their way into the kitchen in all kinds of ways. A commercial kitchen deep clean will prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, allowing you to serve your clients without worry of making them ill.
  • A positive working environment – This is about sending a signal about how important the kitchen environment is, the people who work in it and the food that is produced. Looking after people and equipment oozes positivity. It will be a contributing factor in your business being seen as a quality food establishment.
  • For a deep clean of a commercial kitchen to be successful, it needs to reach all parts, including those hard to reach places. For a commercial kitchen deep clean quotation from Bright Hygiene that offers the highest of standards at the most competitive rates, why not call us today.