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Duct Cleaning

If you run a commercial business that involves the use of a kitchen, you will more than likely have a type of exhaust or ventilation system. Their purpose is to remove grease, smoke and contaminants that could be potentially harmful by capturing them within the system. The system consists of a series of hoods, ducts and exhaust fans. The ducts are designed to vent these substances out of the building. The hot grease cools down inside these ducts and settles in the cooler parts, which is why it needs cleaning as it sticks to the sides of these tubes.

Ducts within commercial kitchens are accustomed to collecting fat and grease deposits that are by-products of cooking in the kitchen. Fat and grease are highly flammable and if these deposits are allowed to build up within your system then this poses a serious fire risk. Cleaning of your ventilation system and ducts should be carried out on a regular basis and it is our responsibility to ensure this is done to the highest standard to protect the safety of your staff and customers. Not only are you protecting the safety of everyone within the building you are protecting your finances if there were to be a fire. Insurance companies can invalidate your insurance if they find you do not regularly clean your ductwork. It is now a requirement that all grease ductwork is cleaned regularly by an accredited, specialist company (such as Bright Hygiene.) Keeping these apparatus clean also promotes healthy food preparation and ensures optimum hygiene in the kitchen.

If you are concerned as to how often you need your ducts cleaning then we can give you a free review of your system and advise you from there. As a rough guideline we suggest every twelve months for kitchens experiencing light usage such as a few hours a day. If you use your kitchen six to twelve hours per day you should have them cleaned every six months and if you have particularly heavy usage of more than twelve hours a day then the vents will more than likely need cleaning every three months. We can set up a plan to suit your commercial kitchen where we visit on the basis needed on a simple, flexible contract.

There are now legal requirements to ensure you keep your kitchen safe and healthy. The Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations and Fire Regulations suggest that the manager of the commerce has a duty of care towards their employees and customers. This means that you must assess any risks and action is required to reduce or eliminate completely any potential risks. The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (2005) ensures you minimise the risk of fire using a regular cleaning program to remove grease deposits from your system. This responsibility is put on the building owners and occupiers. If you are unsure whether you are meeting these legal obligations, do not hesitate to get in touch today. We will provide you with a report, photographic evidence and a certificate to provide to your insurance company to prove that you are inline with these regulations.