Commercial Extractor Fan Cleaning

Commercial Extractor Fan Cleaning

Bright Hygiene specialize in deep cleaning, our team clean commercial kitchen ventilation systems to the highest standard and abiding to all the laws and regulations to ensure optimum safety for your employees and customers.

If you have a commercial kitchen then there are not only practical issues faced but also health and safety concerns. If you have blocked vents there is the danger of gas, fumes and smoke being unable to penetrate and the by-products of cooking consequently will be unable to escape the kitchen. This may not only result in a bad smell but could be dangerous to the health of the staff. It then provides a fire risk as the fat, grease, oil and other products of cooking can block the ventilation systems and are high flammable. This is one of the most common causes of commercial kitchen fires and if your vents are not cleaned your insurance company will not help you to recover from such a fire. Ensuring sufficient ventilation is so important for the health of your employees and potentially even your customers.

If you run a commercial business, you will not only need a ventilation system, you will have to maintain it and keep it clean, replacing parts that are worn and providing safety certificates to your insurers. This is the law and we will ensure that you are fully abiding to these and your viable for insurance claims if anything were to go wrong.

We offer you a regular, deep clean service to reduce fire risk, maintain a good healthy airflow and reduce the risk of Sick Building Syndrome by removing contaminants. We have years of experience in commercial kitchen ventilation and our team is trained to the highest professional standards. Our service provides a comprehensive deep clean package that can be tailored to your system and needs. This service includes internal ductwork cleaning of both supply and extraction ductwork suing the most up to date techniques. We can install access panels when required. We fully clean intake and extract grills and check the air handling units which includes the fan balance and belt check. We then disinfect the system using the appropriate biocide, which is used in the process of fogging where it is needed. We then provide a report on the condition of your filters and identify any defects found within the system so you can get these fixed as soon as possible. Finally we provide a certificate with photographic evidence that you can pass on to your insurance company as proof of service.

If you are interested in our service, we offer a free survey to highlight your requirements if you are unsure and then based on this we can give you a quotation for the work that needs doing. Our work is done to the best standard, performed under strict health and safety procedures and guidelines that all our staff our trained in, to ensure our practice is sake and effective. Get in touch today for free on 08000937840 to organize your free survey.