Deep Clean

Best Deep Cleaning Service In London

A regular deep clean is an essential part of the Hygiene Programme for all kitchens to ensure that areas outside the scope of daily cleaning are dealt with effectively. Areas such as food and grease build up underneath and behind units, and baked on oils and carbon on hot equipment and ventilation canopies all need to be tackled by fully trained and skilled personnel using aggressive and often hazardous cleaning agents.

Since 1978 Bright Hygiene has been operating a Kitchen Deep Clean Service that has been perfected over the years to the point that our service is now regarded by many as the best available. Our emphasis on quality backed by strict working practices and Health and Safety procedures has enabled us to achieve a major portfolio of clients from all market sectors.

At Bright we are so confident that our customers will keep coming back to us for their kitchen deep clean that, unlike most other companies, we do not ask for a signed service agreement. You simply tell us how often you would like the service which is entered into our database so that we can schedule a call to you a few weeks before your service is due to arrange a date and time that totally fits in with your kitchen routine.

Most of our customers have a complete kitchen deep clean that covers all the critical areas that require regular attention.  However to make it easier to select the service that is best suited to their needs we break the total package down into 4 main categories:-

  • Equipment (Hot and Cold)
  • Walls, floors and ceilings
  • Ancillary Items (Tables, sinks etc)
  • Ventilation canopies and filters
  • Ventilation extract ductwork

To enable us to produce a deep clean quotation for whatever you choose to include in your service our Surveyor will carry out a free survey and prepare a Survey Report, Site Specific Risk Assessments, Recommendation Charter and Quotation that is fully tailor-made to suit your needs and your timing.

Benefits of Regular Kitchen Deep Cleaning

The benefits of a regular kitchen deep clean is well established and include:-

  • Helps to reduce the risk of food poisoning  by removing food debris, etc. that can harbour harmful bacteria.
  • Reduces the risk of pest infestation by regular removal of food debris from in-accessible areas.
  • Baked on grease and carbon removed from hot equipment helps cooking temperature control and reduces the risk of tainting food.
  • Prolongs the life of equipment.
  • Clean and free-flowing ventilation extract systems reduce fire risk, improves air quality for employees and helps room temperature control.
  • Proof of service and due diligence for the Environmental Health Department, a certificate is provided for verification.
  • Helps to improve staff morale and encourage staff to maintain good hygiene standards.