Commercial Cleaners

Health and Safety is always at the top of our priority list and a regular commercial kitchen deep cleaning service is highly recommended to help you to maintain those standards by reducing the risk of food poising, pest infestation and tainting of food. Our commercial kitchen cleaning services, in London especially, are in high demand due to the high quality of the service we provide and certified verification of this service.

We also offer a vent deep clean service which means that we clean your ductwork, intake and extract grills and air handling units, disinfecting them using biocide and reporting on any defects found within your ventilation system, this ensures clean, good quality air which is key for the safety of your employees. We specialise in cleaning and exchanging grease filters in kitchens to the highest health, environmental and fire safety standards allowing for improved airflow, longer lasting filters and reduced fire risks.

If you have an area, which requires cleaning at above 6 foot, we also provide a higher level cleaning service; we have experience in cleaning churches, workshops, chandeliers, above office spaces and above swimming pools etc. Our team are specially trained to work at heights with task specific equipment, tested to the highest standards.

Another of our popular services is commercial office cleaning in London. We know that the appearance of your office or workspace is crucially important for first impressions on clients and maintaining team moral. Providing a cleanly work environment can improve team motivation, it sets a good health and safety standard and it gives you a strong, positive company image. Setting high standards of cleanliness implies the standards expected by the staff and for the customers to expect of your business. A professional, clean space is a subconscious sign of a professional working environment and at Bright Hygiene we understand the importance of delivering that professional service to all of our customers.

As the UK’s leading Hygiene Services providers, we have years of experience and have shaped an undisputable reputation for the quality of our service, our attentive customer interaction and flexibility and our reliability when delivering your chosen service. Established in 1978, we have spent almost 40 years training a highly skilled team to deliver this excellent service to businesses all over the United Kingdom.

Balancing your hectic work life, whilst maintaining a clean, tidy and healthy working environment can be a difficult job, but we aim to remove this stress. Our team aim to work around you and your business. We work 24/7 to minimise disruption to your workforce, for no extra cost. We also often one off cleans, cleans on a regular or not so regular basis and we will not tie you into a contract. We also provide you with a schedule with reminders of when you are due a clean, to meet your needs. For a quotation just contact us today and we will get back to you within 24 hours.