Ventilation Clean

Vent Deep Clean Service from Bright Hygiene

Efficient and effective ventilation within buildings is essential to maintain good air quality which is key from an employee welfare and health and safety perspective. But no matter how well a vent system is designed it is vitally important that the entire system has a regular deep clean to reduce fire risk, help maintain good air flow and to reduce the risk of Sick Building Syndrome through the removal of contaminants within the system. With the increase in ventilation fires many insurance companies have now made regular cleaning of vent systems a requirement under fires prevention measures.

Bright Hygiene has considerable experience in deep cleaning ventsystems from kitchen extract systems to major multi-storey buildings in accordance to HVCA guidelines. Our service provides a comprehensive deep cleaning package for all systems which includes:-

  • Internal cleaning of all ductwork (supply and extract) using latest techniques.
  • Access panels installed as required.
  • A full clean of intake and extract grills.
  • A full deep clean and check of air handling units – including fan balance and belt check.
  • Disinfection of system using suitable biocide applied by fogging where applicable/required.
  • Report on filter condition.
  • Report on any defects found within the system.
  • Certificate and photographic evidence for prove of service for insurance purposes.
  • Free survey to highlight requirements and provide the basis for a quotation.

As with all services provided by Bright Hygiene this service is performed to a high standard under very strict health and safety procedures to ensure safe and effective working practices. 

At Bright Hygiene we pride ourselves on providing a deep clean service tailored around your commercial business and your needs. We always have the safety of your staff and the healthy condition of your working environment in the forefront of everything we do. We also aim to give you the most environmentally friendly service at the best possible price. We provide a range of services including kitchen deep cleaning, commercial vent cleaning, high level cleaning, grease filter cleans and exchange and commercial exhaust cleaning. We can provide a free survey to determine which services your business requires.

Whatever your commercial business, we have a vast range of customers spanning many different industries and provide either one off or contractual cleaning services to both small and large businesses. Some of our existing customers include hotels, hospitals, care homes, theme parks, banks, prisons, cafes, factories, bars, stadiums, holiday complexes and many more so whatever your business, we have a team who are fully trained to help you.

Ventilation systems within commercial buildings are necessary to keep clean air flowing through the building. This is important for employees working many hours a week in such buildings and they are also health and safety rules and regulations about such systems. If these systems are not cleaned properly there is a risk of them being a fire hazard, which also means you are not covered on your insurance. Your insurance may even require that your vents are cleaned on a regular basis under fire prevention measures. Our team is fully qualified to provide such a service that is inline with the legal requirements. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and Fire regulations ensure a strict duty of care on whoever is in charge of these systems. They say that action must be taken to eliminate potential risks and fire hazards. The Regulatory Reform Order also says cleaning of grease deposits in kitchens is needed with regular cleaning programs which we are contracted by many companies to provide. The responsibility to ensure safety is placed on the building owners and occupiers so it is your responsibility to ensure safety of your employees.

Our ventilation deep clean involves internal cleaning of all ductwork responsible for supply and extraction of air using the most up to date techniques to make sure every duct is clear. This is particularly important in UK commercial kitchens, as they can get blocked by grease, oil and other food deposits. We then ensure access panels are installed as required and that both intake and extract grills and air handling units are fully cleaned. The deep service includes all the elements such as the fan balance and belt check from the extractor fan. Your system will be disinfected using a biocide, which may need fogging. We will provide you with a report on the condition of your filters and any defects found within your system. Photographic evidence and a certificate will be given to you, which you can pass onto your insurance company as proof you are abiding to their conditions.